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Bedrock Truck 12′ Flatbed

The Limestone platform body comes in several size options to accommodate your truck’s individual needs.

    • Finished to handle the elements

This platform body has a diamond-plated deck and is finished with Bedrock’s industry-leading, polyester, powder-coat application process. Our platform bodies are made to battle the elements and hold up under rough outdoor conditions and heavy cargo loads.

    • Built with sturdy options

There are external stake pockets and handy 3/8″x2″ rub rail tie downs to help secure your cargo out on the road. And a solid, squared commercial bulkhead is ready to take on any haul with supportive 1/8″ deck plating.

    • Made for dual rear wheel trucks

This platform is designed to work with dual rear wheel trucks. Whether you use your dual rear wheel truck to pull heavy payloads on tough terrain or for lighter payloads and hauling gear in town, we’ve built a platform body to suit your needs.