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New Steel Stahl Service / Mechanics Utility Body White, Single Wheel Truck


                          Steel Service Body

Fits: Single wheel trucks 56″ cab to axle

Stahl Service Body

Single Wheel, Long Bed,

Loadspace Floor Width, 48.50″

Overall Body Width, 80

Cab-to-axle Truck, 56”

Slam Latch Tailgate, 9.5” Height Above Floor

Color:  *Powder Coated White*

Lighting: LED

Aluminum Diamond Bumper.

Note: Body is designed to Reuse existing Rear Tow Hitch on Truck

***Note: No special hardware is included for mounting. (4) Mounting Bolts for the body and a wiring harness is included in the sale.  You may need to purchase additional fuel hose for your filler hose and Fill neck. And these bodies are not special prepped for backup cameras and sensors.

***We the seller can help you with most of these items, so if you are unsure please contact us****


*Construction – Lock-bolt to provide unbeatable durability, eliminates rust-causing welding and grinding, and promotes

corrosion-free, long-lasting product. Floor understructure rigidly welded for structural integrity and undercoated for

superior rust protection.

*Compartment Tops *Smooth seamless surface to enhance appearance.

*Cutouts *Openings in intermediate panels between horizontal and adjacent vertical compartments provides extended

storage between compartments.

*Door Hinges – Concealed, bolt-on style provides increased security and clean appearance

*Door Latches – Bolt-on rotary style with stainless steel paddle handles and stainless steel pans.

*Lock Cylinders are keyed alike with double-bitted keys and are power door lock ready for easy after-market


* Door Striker – Adjustable, bolt-on.

* Vertical Doors – Spring-loaded door holders to hold doors in the fully open position and assist in closing.

* Horizontal Doors *Use vinyl coated aircraft quality cables for support in open position.

* Automotive Style Door Seal – STAHL-engineered clip-on to allow easy removal for painting, replacement and quicker

installation. Door seals against a flat surface for extra protection against water leakage.

* Drip Rail – Concealed to provide extra protection against water leakage.

* Fender Panels – Bolt-on die-stamped with radius wheel opening.

* Tailgate *Two point slam-locking featuring anti-rack/rattle hardware.

* Shelving *Bolt-in material trays with dividers.

* Powder Coat Finish *Body exterior, compartment interiors, and cargo area surfaces are finished in a durable,

corrosion resistant white powder coat.

* Undercoating – On bottom of floor and wheel wells