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Martin SX Flatbed Lets You Use Your Landscaping Truck for Spreading Salt in Winter

Martin SX Flatbed Lets You Use Your Landscaping Truck for Spreading Salt in Winter

Every owner of a lawn care business, landscaping business, or outdoor services company knows trying to earn money during the winter can be challenging, especially if you live in a state like Ohio that experiences all four seasons. Many of these owners came to the realization that they needed to get into the “snow game” by adding a plow and a salt spreader to their trucks.

Do you offer snow plowing and salt spreading services during the winter?

If you do not offer snow removal services in the winter, the good news is you likely have a heavy-duty work truck than can handle a plow. ALE Truck Beds does not handle plows, but we do have flatbed truck bodies that can handle salt spreaders.

Salt spreading is a service offered by many landscaping companies that provide snow removal services to businesses and individuals in the winter.

This type of service requires you to have specialized equipment, including a truck body equipped with a spreader (not to mention a large supply of road salt).

What about your truck? Do you have a heavy-duty truck bed? Do you have a flatbed trailer specifically designed for this purpose? Will it handle a salt spreader? Is it rotting and rusting away? Does it need to be replaced?

If so, ALE Truck Beds sells and installs high-quality truck beds from a variety of truck bed manufacturers, but there is one we recommend with functional features that work well when it comes to spreading salt.

Introducing the Martin Truck Bodies SX flatbed trailer

One of our more popular models for landscape truck bodies is the Martin Truck Bodies SX flatbed. Martin is a manufacturer of high-quality truck bodies that are perfect for a new chassis or to give life to an old truck. The SX model features an aluminum bed with flip-down sides and a flip-down tailgate.

The fold-down sides and tailgate make your truck bed more versatile and offer smart features. For example, when locked in the upright position using spring keeper latches, the 6-inch sides give you functionality similar to that of a traditional pickup bed. When folded down, you have the benefits of a flatbed. 

“Everyone wants sides,” said Seth Amos, owner of ALE Truck Bodies. Because the sides fold down, it allows you to load the flatbed from any side, making it easier to get the cargo on the bed. 

Other features include recessed D-rings, which will help secure your salt spreader or any other cargo.

The Martin Truck Bodies SX flatbed is designed for single-wheeled long-bed trucks, single-wheeled short-bed trucks, and dual-wheel trucks with 8-foot beds.

Looking for another bed? ALE Truck Beds has 300+ beds on site

If you are looking for a flatbed truck body with rock-solid construction, but you want something different than a Martin SX flatbed with fold-down sides, you are in luck.

ALE Truck Beds has more than 300 truck beds in stock on its Dalton, Ohio, site. We carry aluminum and steel beds from Martin Truck Bodies, Bradford Built, Bedrock, and Hillsboro. 

Visit us in Dalton, Ohio. Click the map below for directions to ALE Truck Beds.

graphic showing a map of U.S. Route 30 as it goes into Dalton, Ohio.

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