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Cobett Automatic Waterer Small Base


Cobett waterers were designed to have three main features:

  1. An open drinking area
  2. Easy & wide-open access to the plumbing
  3. No required heating device

How do Cobett waterers work without a heating device?

Electric heat is not required for valve protection. However, there is room below the tub to hang a low-wattage heating device for reducing surface ice. Each Cobett waterer includes and is mounted upon a 24″ wide base tube that is an appropriate length for the customer’s locale. Cobett fully utilizes the wide column of ground heat by placing the tub inside the ground heat chamber, not just above it. The entire tub of water is constantly and directly warmed or cooled by the surrounding underground temperatures. Because there are no doors and seals or a concrete pad, there are no cracks for air leaks! Lacking a door or cover that could accidentally freeze shut or open, Cobett allows Mother Nature to generate a relatively small amount of ice on the water surface. Unheated Cobett testing results and customer reports reveal some examples of overnight ice thickness in a beef dry lot situation:

  • 15-20 head @ -10°F and no wind = 1/2” ice
  • 0-5 head @ +10°F and no wind = 1” ice
  • with no traffic after 3:00 p.m. @ -20°F with -40°F wind chill = 2” ice

Thicker ice occurs if water is consumed only once or twice daily. A 4 1/2” icecap has been observed at -40°F during a -70°F wind-chill factor. Regardless of temperature, wind-chill or livestock traffic, it should take only a few seconds to open any overnight icing that may occur. Use the Cobett ice chipper or a ball peen hammer, etc. (not an ax) if needed, generally once that day. Customers like knowing that Cobett eliminates frozen valves and plumbing!

What type of valve is in Cobett waterers?

Cobett waterers are available with various valve options to meet the customer’s needs. Cobett is not a constant flow system. Model LB (large) has four valve options and Model SB (small) has two valve options. See the specifics on the Products page.

The more complex and sensitive floatless valve (not made by Cobett) requires a strainer, even for city water. A diaphragm that senses the water weight activates this valve. The floatless valve comes with a tool to set the water level.

The float valves and the float are made by Cobett Company in a very heavy duty and simple design. A thick cord attaches the 5 1/2” heavy-duty polyethylene float to the valve. Ice chunks that may cling to the float do not hamper valve function. Remember, ice floats too.

Always check with local officials for state and local backflow prevention rules and regulations prior to connecting to a water supply line.

Model SB: Float Valve System

The Model SB with Float Valve System features unmatched winter endurance for single animal access. The entire tub of water is constantly and directly warmed by the wide column of ground heat that prevents freezing of the valve and plumbing, even with zero traffic. Cleaning is easy — lift out the tub, swirl the water and empty it out.

Model SB Waterer:
23.5″ D x 48″ H
Ship Height: 48″
Ship Weight: 64 lbs.
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1. Lid (extended non-use)
2. Model SB Waterer
3. Tub
4. 5 1/2” Polyethylene Float
5. 3/16” Cord and 3/8” Sleeve
6. 3” Polyurethane Insulation
7. 1/2″ HD Valve
10. Support Rod
11. Quick Coupler & Adapter
13. Ball Valve
14. Flexible Hose
16. 36″ Base Tube
17. 1″ Polyethylene Waterline (Not Included)

Gallons: 5

Opening: 11.5”

Side Reach: 6”

Water Level: 2”-3” from top of tub

Drinking Height: 20″ Maximum or less

Waterer, Tub & Float Construction: 1/4” Polyethylene Plastic

Base Tube Construction:
— 3/16” Polyethylene Plastic
— 36” Tube – no insulation
— 61” & 87” Tubes partially insulated – 2” thick

— Dry Lot Beef: 65 Head
— Range Cows: 35 Head


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